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Made by Yuli "aka MBY" started in 2021; however our beginning started from our first ever store Yuli Interior.

Founded by Edith and Reginald Amadi-Obi, the name "Yuli" is derived from Edith's traditional Itsekiri name and it literally means " fits home". While producing pieces for our store Yuli Interior, we had a surge in demand for custom inspirational gift pieces and she decided to create a separate brand identity for these product. Initially we started as "yuligifts" however, in time and increase in our product range the name became "made by yuli". That's how MBY was born.

If you want to have custom, engraved gifts from our collection you can on request. We have retailers that carry our products and we are honored to partner with them.

We strive to ensure that MBY becomes very successful, however we will never lose sight of our core value which is to create pieces that pulls at your heartstring.